May 8, 2012

Surfing Photos

Surfing image of a Surfer smacking the lip at Sunset in Kimmeridge bay, dorset

Welcome to Surfing Photographs

I have been shooting surfing photos for over 15 years now and still learn from every shoot, for me that’s the great thing about taking surfing pictures it keeps me close to the waves and action and I never stop learning.  I learned to surf over 15 years ago but was never any good, then unfortunately a windsurfing injury has stopped me surfing altogether. Luckily being able to take surfing images gives me as much pleasure as being in the water.

I try to shoot slightly different to most professional surfing photographers that shoot on aperture priority and just hold the button down, then choose the best surfing picture from a sequence of about 12 shots.  Read more about me the photographer and how I shoot my surfing photographs.

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