April 11, 2012



Sup Surfing Craig Fascione at Kimmeridge bay, Dorset

Fakefish Photography.

My name is Craig Fascione and I have been in and around the water since I was 14 when I started racing dinghies.  I got the windsurfing bug at about the age of 15, teaching both sports for many years.  I have also surfed badly for most of that time and really appreciate the skill involved and the hours of frustration waiting for waves.  

Why Fakefish well Fish has been a nickname of mine since school and fake is because I’m not really a photographer,  i am  just a guy with a camera, shooting water sports and landscapes.  So view the world through my lens and help turn my passion into a business. Photography is like all the sports I shoot, you are always learning, striving for the next shot, or new trick, a bigger wave, or the latest Kit, there is always someone better than you, and you will never ever master it, so just enjoy it.


Fakefish Photography

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