April 11, 2012






Fakefish Photography.

My name is Craig Fascione and I have been in and around the water since I was 14 when I was racing Dinghies with friends.  I then started windsurfing at about the age of 15, teaching both sports for many years.  I have also surfed badly for most of that time and really appreciate the skill involved and the hours of frustration waiting for waves in this sport.

Why Fakefish well Fish has been a nickname of mine since school due to the pronunciation of my surname “fishonee” And the fake is because I am not really a professional photographer, I just love taking photos.

My Action Photographs are shot on full manual and only one image is shot, so I have to capture the exact moment of the freestyle trick, Forward Loop, wave ride, back loop or just capture the pure emotion of the windsurfer, Kite surfer or Surfer in that instant.  This type of photography gives me the most control over my pictures and is the most rewarding way for me the Photographer to get the best image.

Photography is like all the sports I shoot, you are always learning, striving for the next shot, or new trick,  a bigger wave, or the latest Kit, there is always someone better than you, and you will never ever master it, so just enjoy it.


Fakefish Photography

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