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I managed to catch up with my mad Brother-in-law Nick Healey and the rest of the Porthtowan surfboat crew out at Porthtowan in the midst of an epic training session, these guys are mental!! Most of us lucky enough to catch waves will generally be comfortable on waves of shoulder high maybe head, double head is pushing it – although some of us have even been lucky enough to go down the line windsurfing on mast high waves; but imagine getting into some Speedos and a 26 ft surfboat, then charging towards some seriously heavy sets at Porthtowan “with a nutter called Gary yelling in ya ear!!” the picture of the Porthtowan surfboat on the face of the wave really puts into perspective the size and power of these waves that they are training in.

Having already achieved a staggering array of titles they will soon be heading over to France to compete in the 2014 World Surfboat Championships.  Mental they may be and alright so they have a few crew members getting their free bus passes soon but don’t be fooled-they are serious athletes and are putting in a staggering amount of hours in and out of the water preparing for the World Championships.

The Porthtowan crew are at the top of their game, In my opinion they have more commitment and dedication in one boat than most of the footballers in the entire Premier League but unlike them the Porthtowan surfboat crew do this for no financial rewards, they all have full time jobs and carry on with small donations and help from the club, Family, friends and Ion, but mainly they do it for the sheer adrenaline rush.  So please support these salty maniacs and get over to their website for more superb photos and live updates from the crew and Greg Dennis the photographer.

Just think of how long it takes to read this article “share it” and write a supporting “comment”  in the facebook box below, then compare that to how many hours these guys and girls have been training for Great Britain.

“ION is about challenging yourself, experiencing nature and feeling its force” I stole that from the Ion website I reckon that sums them up in one sentence.

Good luck to the Porthtowan Surfboat Crews at the World Surboat Championships 2014


Porthtowan Surfboat Update..

After years of training, hundreds of races finally the crew of Porthtown Surfboat Blue Bali have achieved their goal. Full respect to all the crews who competed.

[quote]Porthtown Surfboat Crew 2014 World Champions[/quote]


Porthtowan Surfboat  :-  http://www.porthtowanslsc.org.uk/
Greg Dennis Photography :-  http://gregdennis.co.uk/
UK Surf Rowers league :- http://www.uksrl.co.uk/

Ion :- http://www.ionproducts.com/
Tom’s Vid:– http://http://vimeo.com/105052770

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