Surfing photos

Surfing Photos

What a great start to the year!! We have had some awesome waves for the last couple of weeks and I have  spent most of my time in the water.  I eventually managed to drag myself out of the surf and grab the camera on Thursday and headed down to  get some surfing photos at Bournemouth pier and was I glad I did.  There was a cracking wave and some really great surfer’s out which is always good to watch and amazing to see the young kids ripping, something you dont see that often in the Windsurfing world…

Spent most of my time just trying out a slower shutter speed which is pretty tricky on the full manual setting.  I set the focalpoint to its minimum setting as to just catch the surfer head in focus then slow the shutter speed right down to try and get a silky smooth spray on the top turns whilst ajusting the white balance and ISO to compensate for the extra light, then i have to pan the camera at exactly the same speed as the surfer so that his head is in focus but the water and spray isn’t.  I managed to get the right look only on a few shots, unfortunately for all the surfers my favorite wasn’t  a surfing photo it was the photo of the bodyboarder…

Enjoy my “Bournemouth Surfing Photos “.


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